Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cannot and Should not

So I'm watching a K-pop video now in the free internet lounge in the airport.  Just the other day I was walking down the street with C, talking about how K-pop videos are better than Chinese pop music in terms of interesing music, music production, video production, and even choreography.  C commented that the one Chinese pop song he could get behind, "Wo Ai Ni," he found out it was sung by a Korean dude.  Are Filipinos making flashy videos? 
So the guys at the hotel desk went home, their shift ended.  There was a new lady at the desk, and when I asked her, she said I could go out into the city, just ask information and then ask again at immigration.  Sweet!  That is so different than the 'yes, but you'd have to check out of the hotel' that the dudes gave me. 
(Remind me to learn how to say, "Please don't get up" in Korean.  Every time I pass the front desk they stand up to welcome me.  I wondered if it was my eye contact that was making them stand, but I'd rather learn how to say, "Please don't get up" than train myself to not make eye contact.)
So I went down to find immigration, and it's not easy.  Since they don't require transfer passengers to go through immigration, they've eliminated the exits from the terminals.  I would have to go downstairs if I wanted to go though immigration, and I don't know the hell to get down there.   
I asked at the information desk, and the lady gave me a recommendation:  I should not go out.  It would take hours just to get into the city, if you count the time it takes to get through immigration.  So I think I'm officially discouraged.  I know now that if someone says you can't, you should keep asking until they say you can; but if they say you shouldn't, that's a different story.  I'll go into Seoul in October.  Maybe I'll take two days, stay in a hotel in town. 
So for breakfast the information lady pointed me down the hall to a food court.  There was Burger King, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, and two Korean places.  I went to one of them, and saw that they have mool naeng myun, yah baby!  I'll have that for lunch.  For breakfast I had bibimpab.  It was awesome.  When I get home I think I'm going to buy some gochuchan. 
So now what?  It's 8:30 am, my flight is at 5 pm.  Hotel checkout is 4:30.   I think it's going to be like this:  eating, blogging, eating, tv, eating... maybe there will be napping.  Maybe I'll do a lap around the concourse for exercise.  I think this concourse is three miles long. 

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